TopTek System (TTS) is an Apple Authorized Service Provider. All of our technicians receive Apple training and they deliver the same high-quality service with genuine Apple parts and the proper tools, which provided and recommended by Apple, to open and close the device therefor the repairs are backed by Apple. Genuine Apple Parts are critical to a quality repair. Visit us to make sure you get your product back working the way it should.

To get service for your MacBook, you can call us or make a reservation online.

There's no charge if your Macbook issue is covered under warranty, AppleCare+, or consumer law.

Not sure if you're covered? Check your coverage by entering your Macbook serial number.


Most common MacBook Air/MacBook Pro Repair Services:


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LCD /Screen Replacement

You need this service if your Mac has Crack in the LCD, Dim LCD or distorted display. We replace the defective screen with original Apple part.

**** If you have 12-inch MacBook or MacBook Pro 13/15 inch with Retina display and have experienced issues with the anti-reflective coating wearing off or delaminating, please call us now to determine is you are eligible for replacement display under apple program. *********



Logic Board Replacement

You need this service if your mac does not turn on or gets water damage. We will Diagnostic your device and then if it is possible we Replace mainboard.


Mag safe 2/USB C (charging port Replacement)

This Repair service fixes charging issues. If you are experiencing charging issues you’re your mac first follow up some steps before calling to either Apple or TopTek system.

Check on both the power adapter and the power port on computer to see if any debris or object blocking the port. The object can be removed with dry toothbrush. If after this step you still have issues with charging port please call us or make an appointment online.


Battery Replacement

If you are having issues with your Mac Battery please note that Apple has a program to replace some battery for MacBook pro were manufactured between October 2016 and October 2017 please check the link below to see if your MacBook pro is eligible. For the rest of you MacBook models you can follow these step to learn more about the battery status.

1- If battery status menu icon shows an X, computer does not recognize that means installed battery.

2- Press Option key when clicking on battery icon. Check and see whether menu shows “Your battery needs service” or “Service Battery.”

3- Battery life is too short to use or the device won’t turn on unless connected to the power source.

At Topteksystem we use the original Apple battery and give you 90 days Apple warranty.

Water Damage

Liquid or water can destroy any electronics board quickly and fast, but if follow these instruction, your MacBook pro, may be salvageable.

1-turn the device off if it is still on

2-unplug the charger from MacBook

3- Use soft, lint-free cloth to clean and dry all liquid from the laptop’s exterior.

4-With Display open, turn the computer/MacBook pro upside down.

5- Take the device to nearest Apple store or Apple service provider.

You can call us or make an appointment online.