Do You Know How You Can Keep Your Macbook Pro Battery Alive And Healthy Over The Years?

As a matter of fact all batteries of MacBook Pro or MacBook Air has a limited life, but good news is that you can easily maximize it before you have to replace them.
Even if we could readily swap out MacBook batteries the way we used to a decade ago, دnow there’s another difficulties  that many of us are using these sealed laptops with physically smaller batteries as in years past as desktop replacements. We’re running external monitors on them and, those monitors are charging the laptops right now.
In this situation, In fact, you’re not letting the battery deplete, you are off-and-on recharging it a little bit in no time. It’s been a long time since we had NiCad batteries where this would degrade them over time —and this behavior in this day and age won’t harm the battery to any appreciable level.
Now past is past so we want to talk about some stops that you can do to prolong your computer’s battery health for a longer time.

Cycle drama

As we mentioned before every kind of battery has a certain number of times, or cycles, that it can go through before it is considered to be spent. “Your battery is designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity at 1,000 complete charge cycles,” says Apple regarding MacBook batteries.
There is no difference that your battery are used in a MacBook, an iPhone or any other devices, but, a battery is a physical and chemical process. The way that it used is really crucial on how it works and how it finished. Also, Apple publishes a list of how many cycles your battery cover normally before they consider it done.

We will help you to find your current battery condition.

For example, the newest MacBook Pro 13-inch models are rated for 1,000 cycles, and it’s not a lot, then if you drained and recharged your battery everyday and completely , you will have it around three years .
Actually that’s charging and depleting the battery every 24 hours totally, so if you used the machine half as much, you can easily guess that you would get six years. But it doesn’t work like this, because you should consider the literal age of a battery as an important factor, yet it is true that you can extend how long it takes the machine to work through its total number of cycles.
As a matter of fact, all cycles aren’t  created equal, though. Spending the full charge to 50% charge is obviously a half of a cycle. Moreover, amount of the batteries work actually from a chemistry and physical perspective, it can shows that puts less of a strain on battery life than going from 100% to 0% all the time.
If don’t want to get through in detail through the battery’s total number of cycles of your machine, you can easily check on your MacBook Pro like this.

– Hold the Option key on your keyboard

– choose System Information from the Apple Menu.

But don’t forget that it doesn’t really give you precise wear measure.

Save a battery life

Probably you bought this machine to work on it, so it seems funny that put it in your drawer and don’t touch it because you want to save its battery cycle. But, you can follow some of bellow steps to extend the time the battery lasts.
As Apple recommends always being update to the latest version of macOS. Moreover, you can make specific choices for certain settings.
Most of the people spend the battery on their screen. Those 400, 450, or 500 nits of brightness depending on model take some power, so you can be dimming the screen reduces that. It increases the battery life by extending the time.
Another solution is cutting out things that it’s not necessary, so you can save this power, and then  keep battery life more than before and save it for necessary things you really need, for example, you can switch off power drains such as Wi-Fi —because it uses your battery charge even if you’re not connected.

Modern monitors like this LG Ultra wide will keep charging your MacBook Pro

If battery duration for the day is really important, you shouldn’t use Chrome. It remains a resource hog. Choose Firefox because is less that chrome, and Safari is the least of them.
And if you have an external mouse and something like a SD card that’s plugged into the MacBook, take them out before you’re done with them.

On the shelf

The same thing applies to the MacBook itself. Please shut it down when you surly know you’re not using it for a period of time —but don’t store it for a long time with a battery at 0%.
Actually battery at 0% isn’t completely depleted. There is still some stored energy that the battery needs for chemical health, and startup power.

Most of the time, a battery is likely dead but it isn’t, in fact it hasn’t got enough charge to power up. This story means you probably be able to revive it by leaving the MacBook plugged in for a time, don’t put it in this condition because it is really bad for the battery.
You should know that MacBooks and MacBook Air have beneficial option, their batteries are physically bigger. There is just more battery there, and as a result the effects of depletion are less marked.

Best and worst

If all of this care and attention doesn’t get you for three years of a functional battery, nothing will —and actually, maybe nothing can.
Use your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air to get the work done that you need, and if that means your battery takes more of a hammering, know that there is also a solution at the end of it all.

Battery Replacement at TopTek System

If you are having issues with your Mac Battery please note that Apple has a program to replace some battery for MacBook pro were manufactured between October 2016 and October 2017 please check the link below to see if your MacBook pro is eligible. For the rest of you MacBook models you can follow these step to learn more about the battery status.

1- If battery status menu icon shows an X, computer does not recognize that means installed battery.

2- Press Option key when clicking on battery icon. Check and see whether menu shows “Your battery needs service” or “Service Battery.”

3- Battery life is too short to use or the device won’t turn on unless connected to the power source.

At TopTek System we use the original Apple battery and give you 90 days Apple warranty.

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