Is it really a must to take AppleCare+ for your MacBook Air, MacBook or even MacBook Pro?

As a matter of fact, AppleCare+ is a fact that you should invest in it. With AppleCare+ you can easily protect your MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro in any kind of accident.

 All about Apple’s standard warranty

All models of MacBook Air, MacBook, and MacBook Pro presented by a standards-level warranty for free that contains as below:

  • One year limited hardware warranty
  • 90 days of free technical support

If something goes wrong or your software programs doesn’t work based on your need and your expectation after three months of owning it, you can call directly 1-905-604-0700 and TopTek technicians will help and overcome your issue over the phone.

In case of any problem in your physical system for instance the battery, RAM, hard drive, keyboard, mouse, or power cord fails, Apple will fix or replace them. But you should be aware that the problems shouldn’t be related to intentional damage or accident.

For example, if the internal hard drive just goes kaput in the first year, Apple will pay back the cost to repair or replace it. If you drop your MacBook Air on the ground while trying to set it up and break the screen, you’re out of luck but if you have AppleCare+ the story will be change.

To get more cost and use more facilities, you can have AppleCare+ and take more coverage for longer time. AppleCare+ for MacBook Air, MacBook, and MacBook Pro provides:

  • Three years (total) limited hardware warranty
  • Three years (total) technical support
  • Coverage for two incidents of accidental damage (subject to a service fee of CAD-129 for screen damage or CAD-379 for other damage)

You can have TopTek technical support over the phone, and in-store at TopTek System  for three years. If you are having software issues with any built-in Apple programs or the operating system itself, you can make a phone call 1-905-604-0700 for getting necessary and useful advice.

Additionally, when your hard drive works after two-and-a-half-years, AppleCare+ will support you and moreover, when you drop your MacBook Air, MacBook, or MacBook Pro off of your desk … twice … and crack the screen, Apple will repair or replace it for CAD-129 (or up to CAD-379, based on the damage) each time.

AppleCare+ service fee

When you have AppleCare + on your side, you feel relax anytime and anywhere about your devices, your MacBook Air, MacBook, or MacBook Pro because as you know they will have supported by AppleCare+ even be accidents, but it has a fee as below:

  • CAD-129 for screen damage
  • CAD-379 for other damage

AppleCare+ in compare with credit card benefits

Some credit card companies have additional warranty protection when you are using their card for shopping. For instance, American Express Gold has a decent warranty extension for up to five years in most U.S. states. Every credit card have their own conditions and different stories about warranty benefits. but you should consider this important point that credit card companies can’t provide any kind of technical support, which is usually what MacBook Air, MacBook, and MacBook Pro owners end up needing the most.

Check out your credit card company’s warranty policy, and make sure you understand its benefits completely, before choosing it over AppleCare+.

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